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[sticky post] MY FICS.

Hey (: This is a list of my fics. its not much, but because I'm also posting other things here, I want to make it easy to find my fics. you can also read my fanfictions on princess_heehee and ofcourse many more fics ^^

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[PREVIEW FIC] Torture me with love.

Title: Torture me wih love
Author: captainchul
Pairing: JongKi [FT Island]
Rating: PG / PG 13 / maybe more later.
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst, School-life, Drama
Summary: Hongki and Jonghun are two normal boys who go to high-school, one day they meet and exchange numbers. From that day on their lifes will change into one big love-chaos. People want to drive them apart and more sad things will come on their paths. Can their relationship survive this?
Disclaimer: I own everything but the names of the characters. because well duh, they're famous <3 and sadly not mine ;(
Warning: This story is written as if the boys aren't famous. it's just a love story. it's all fiction. and it has nothing to do with music, yeah maybe a bit, but nothing to do with FT Island as a band. thanks :)

The summary sucks, but I couldn't think of a better one. so yeah. This fic will be up soon. bye (:

busy busy busy ~

Hello! (:

here's a short message before I go to school. I'm planning on writing more fanfics for princess_heehee , but right now i'm really busy with school. I have a test-week this week, and it's pretty hard. it feels like i'm having my exams all over again -.-
I'm studying really hard! but anyway, I hope to post a new fanfic at the end of this week. but I can't promise anything T_T

xo, captainchul

hii ~

Because i actually should do something else, buuuuuuuut i am distracted again. 
And well since i'm your bestie i couldn't resist doing this <3

Well, it's been years since we know each other and we've had our hard times and all, but we are still together.
Being San&Sam.
Funny how this whole friendship started out with fanfics about Tokio Hotel, and look at us now. 
Still writing, trolling the internetz, spazzing over our smtown babies, and other babies. and yeaaaaaah
idek what i'm writing at the moment. 
so i will just spam you with some of your loves 

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Title: I'll give you a great Christmas time.
Author: captainchul
Pairing: MinNiel (C.A.P / Niel)
Rating: PG / PG-13 (?)
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Summary: It's the first Christmas away from home for our boys from TeenTop. Some of them don't really mind spending their Christmas without their family, but some of them, especially Daniel, really don't like it. Daniel gets really sad and misses his family. So Minsoo thinks of something to make him happy.
Disclaimer: The plot and the idea was requested by nalkkae, but the story is mine.
Warning: This is the first "story" I've wrote since a year. So maybe it's a bit.. bad.. but please give me a chance. :)

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I'm going to be the new fanfictions author on princess_heehee, they've asked me to write fics with them on that shared account. I'm so glad :) if you want to read more, get to know more about me being a writer, or want to see that account ;  click the link belowwwww.


xo, captainchul.


I just heard Gangnam Style on the dutch radio, again. I fucking love that song, but I still don't understand why everyone is listening to that now, people have been bashing kpop and kpop-fans for years now, why suddenly like 1 song?
I'm not talking bad about gangnam style, and I admit that it's a fucking catchy song, but I get super annoyed by the fact that my classmates are listening to it. i'm like, DUDE I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU ABOUT KPOP FOR YEARS. ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW?

back to reality

so my summervacation is over and I'm missing my life the way it was the past 3 month's already..
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Damn, it's been so long since I logged in to livejournal. I've got a lot to change and even more to write here..
if you're interested just click on the random shizzle beneath this.

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Exchange Student!

For those who are interested in why i'm going to live abroad for a year and how I got this great oppertunity : )  ;